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Bureau des Sports - BDS

Sport and Leisure, Student Life

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Ecole Centrale de Nantes BP 92101 F-44321 Nantes Cedex 3 FRANCE
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The Bureau des Sports BDS (Student Sports Association) is part of the school sports association (Association Sportive - AS). The school is present at major university and federal sporting events: participation in the inter-regional championships and French championships, sailing competitions, Paris half-marathon, etc. Involving more than half the students at Centrale Nantes, the AS reflects the students' enthusiasm. With many sports (football, handball, rugby, volleyball, basketball, rowing, climbing, etc.), it meets their expectations in terms of initiation or regional and national competition.

Sailing is particularly significant, the sailing club, the windsurfing club and the APPC (for the cruise race). Sailing is distinguished every year during races such as EDHEC and rowing involves multiple excursions to take part in official competitions.

The AS is above all team spirit, a constant search for challenge and transcendence, and a willingness to adapt the sports activities in the school to meet student demand.

We offer a multitude of sports events, organized in-house or open to all Nantes students: inter-classes, "Volleyball Night", the 4 Ball Tournament (football, basketball, handball and volleyball), a tennis tournament for business and engineering schools.

Team sports

Individual sports

Water sports

Racket sports

Executive members

VP Internal: Iris Proust
VP External: Awen Bruneau
Treasurer AS: Gautier Maillard
Treasurer BDS: Jean Roman
Secretary: Pierre Maquet

Additional Information

Association Sportive:
President: Patrice CARTRAUD
Treasurer: Thérèse BOISSON
Secretary: Hervé Guillo, Sports and Physical Education teacher
Contact the AS: as@ec-nantes.fr
Published on March 30, 2017 Updated on May 13, 2020