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BDE - Student Association

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The Bureau des Élèves (BDE) or Student Association (Association des Etudiants de Centrale Nantes - AECN) has many different functions. It is at the heart of the school's associative activities and student life in general.

What is the BDE?

The BDE (Bureau Des Elèves) is the body that oversees most of the associative life at Centrale. It’s a group of more or less forty people that were elected after two weeks of intense campaigning! It collaborates with the Bureau Des Arts and the Bureau Des Sports.

The BDE is your representative vis a vis other schools, teachers, alumni, companies and the administration. Throughout the year the BDE will organise social events and accompany you as you discover the campus, clubs and activities on offer at Centrale.

The BDE coordinates about forty different clubs all actively contributing to the dynamic atmosphere et Centrale Nantes. Music, astronomy or board game clubs... You’ll be sure to find one that suits you, and if not, you’re free to create one! Some clubs also organise specific events like the Integration Week End, ski week, the Cruise, the NEMO…

Contact details :
AECN - École Centrale de Nantes
BP 92101
1 rue de la Noé
44321 Nantes Cedex 3
Website :
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Meet your BDE

Organigramme BDE Cow Nanta

Executive members

  • President: Julien Cazaux
  • Vice-President: Solène Boivent
  • Vice-President: Théo Balanza
  • General Secretary: Lisa Hauscarriague
  • Ecological Transition Secretary: Danaé Delecole
  • Treasurer: Thomas Beroud

Office hours

BDE Office | Ground floor building L:

Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: from 12.15pm to 1.45pm

Additional Information

BDE and BDA membership fee

To be part of the AECN (Association des Eleves de l’Ecole Centrale de Nantes) and thus be able to participate in the associative life a small membership fee is charged. Avantages of becoming a member: reduced party rates, join clubs dependent on the BDE and BDA, access to BDE partners, priority access to the Integration Weekend, the opportunity to be a candidate in the BDE and BDA elections, etc. The money collected is used to finance clubs, integration events including the Integration Weekend and the party events organised by the BDE, the BDA, etc...

Clubs and associations

Download a presentation of the clubs and associations at Centrale Nantes.


International Culture

Personal Development


Science and technology


Our Partners

Learn more about the AECN's partners! To find out about offers reserved for members, go to Nantral Platform, the private online space for clubs and associations.

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Published on August 28, 2003 Updated on May 21, 2021