Type(s) of organization : Student Association, BDA

Centrale Nantes Mystères

Student clubs - Games

A group of of enigma enthusiasts, Centrale Nantes Mystères works in the greatest secrecy to create compelling puzzles and challenges on campus. At CNM we act on any pretext to create enigmas, whether through the school newspaper or a website!
The main idea is to come up with very difficult and fun challenges that give a good feeling of satisfaction to those who solve them.
Whether you are creative or a challenge enthusiast, CNM will let you use all your resources to come to meet their greatest challenges! KZZFS PUWUTS: EKLS XKD RKAF EKKIUS = xugmnqyzkfshsf


Alexis Delage
Published on May 11, 2020 Updated on July 8, 2021