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WEN - week-end Nantralien

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What is the Nantralien weekend, or more commonly known as WEN? It's two great days of festivities that bring together not only the students, but all the alumni of the school for a number of events. Between the graduation ceremony, numerous conferences, the sports tournament and the famous Centrale Nantes gala, WEN is the weekend not to be missed! Looking forward to a great opportunity to enjoy a glass of bubbly? The gala brings together nearly 500 people in a sumptuous setting around a delicious buffet. There, the best Centralien musicians will be on hand to liven up the evening, along with a host of other activities. So don't hesitate any longer... and above all, don't forget to come with in your best outfit!
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Mathieu Cortez
Published on May 13, 2020 Updated on April 22, 2024