Type(s) of organization : Student Association

Kids Népal

Student clubs - solidarity

Kids Nepal is a humanitarian association that aims to help the people of Kadambas village in Nepal to rebuild their village after the 2015 earthquakes. We also use our funds to support education in the village. Our role in the association is to finance its projects through small jobs, but also to make a humanitarian trip to put our shoulders to the wheel. So if you're up for it, join us!


After the earthquakes that devastated the whole country in 2015, this small village west of the capital saw its school destroyed. In France, we consider education a basic right, that's why we are tying to help by getting involved in this association. This help is above all financial, with funds collected throughout the year thanks to food sales on campus and in town, calendar sales, odd jobs (help with the organization of the Nantes marathon, call for projects) and raffles. We also take out school supplies, clothes and games. Finally, our help is also in the field thanks to the end of year trip to help the inhabitants in the fields, give lessons to the children and play with them in order to perpetuate a strong bond. This association is an opportunity for exchange and mutual enrichment. If you are interested in humanitarian work and this project in particular, do not hesitate to come and join us to discover the association and help the people of Nepal.


Published on May 11, 2020 Updated on July 31, 2020